LigoWave Consult coming to in (Get Certified)

  • Training

    At LigoWave Consult, we offer trainings for all the know-hows of LigoWave products to enhance the efficiency of your wireless network.

  • Certification

    LigoWave Consult will take you through the best pathway to becoming LigoWave Certified Engineer.

  • Consultancy

    At LigoWave Consult, we are open to consultations. We can help design, implement and optimize your network.

About LigoWave Consult
Provide smart and flexible LigoWave services

We provide consultation for know-hows of LigoWave products via Training, Certification and Consulting.

Do you need to design a fresh wireless networking/ISP or you want to optimize your exiting wireless network? We got you covered.
Support 24 / 7
We provide onsite and remote support anytime. Need to talk to us? Email - [email protected].
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